Jun. 12th, 2007 05:26 pm
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He wasn't lying when he said the gardens were nice.

I think that soon I'll be strong enough to leave. I've heard that the transporters are out, though, so it seems that I will possibly need to wait even after my body has healed.

The original cut has scabbed over well and the burns are past the point of being constantly painful. Some soreness still remains, but it should fade once I am healed enough to return to my training. I've been doing some stretching and light exercising in the gardens, but it is useless to attempt anything too strenuous. Perhaps in a few more days.

These clothes, however, are impractical. They are too restrictive for what I need to do to keep in shape. Were my old clothes able to be salvaged? Probably not, what with having the back charred to a crisp.


The question is if I really want to leave at all. It's comfortable here. I'm not completely trapped here, either. I've been reconsidering the commander's offer and it is realistically not a terrible offer.

And he is going against his superiors for this.

I still don't trust him. I can't trust someone who, aside from this, has only ever attempted to control me.


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